The ViBE Workstation will be used in support of oncology programs involving the discovery and validation of biomarkers associated with cancers.

The ViBE platform, powered by Acoustic Membrane MicroParticle (AMMP) Technology, enables advancements in protein research.

The ViBE Workstation is the tool for unattended sample analysis including reagent additions, incubation and real-time results with walkaway operation and is well suited for a variety of applications including biomarker discovery and development, bioprocess engineering and manufacturing.

BioScale chief executive officer Mark Lundstrom said that the firm expects the pace of research into complex diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers will accelerate considerably as researchers uncover biomarkers that elucidate the diagnosis and improve treatment options.

“We believe the power and performance of the ViBE platform will allow pharmaceutical and biotech companies to cut drug discovery and development times and, one day, allow physicians to personalize treatments and provide more informative diagnostic tests,” Lundstrom said.

BioScale chief operating officer Chip Leveille, said that the simplicity and flexibility of the ViBE platform will provide scientists the ability to perform a wide range of protein analysis not only with more sensitive, reproducible data, but with the power to work in complex samples more quickly and efficiently than ever before.