The Bioquell Q-10 is a portable HPV system which uses H2O2 vapour to disinfect potentially contaminated areas in the fight against ‘superbugs.’

Analytical Technology’s electrochemical gas sensors are fundamental to help optimise the HPV concentration to achieve surface sterilisation in the target area during the bio-decontamination process and for ensuring Bioquell’s Q-10 system has returned the target area to a safe HPV level prior to re-entry.

The companies said the system effectively and safely bio-decontaminates rooms, equipment and electronic devices in hospital environments, eradicating problematic bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Bioquell Research and Development head Oliver Cumberlege said Bioquell was looking for a cost effective H2O2 measurement cell to integrate into their sensor package.

"Working with Analytical Technology allowed us to add features to increase its sensitivity and response time and develop a package to a price whereby it is more cost-effective to replace the complete unit rather than re-calibrate," Cumberlege said.