Bioness has served the orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) industry for 10 years and is the preferred provider of functional electrical stimulation technology.

The 2017 World Congress is significant as Bioness launches the L300 Go portfolio, making the innovative technology available to O&P practitioners and the patients they serve. Practice owners and treating clinicians in attendance will be provided demonstrations of the L300 Go at booth #423, and will have the opportunity to speak with a patient advocate who uses the first-generation device to reduce foot drop caused by spinal cord injury.

For patients with mobility challenges related to neurological condition or disease, the L300 Go is the first functional electrical stimulation (FES) to incorporate 3D motion detection of gait events with the use of a 3-axis gyroscope to prevent falls and encourage better balance and stability.

Recently cleared by the FDA and given CE Mark approval, the L300 Go monitors patient movement in all three planes of motion with adjustable ankle dorsiflexion and knee flexion or extension.

The L300 Go also includes the myBioness™ mobile app for progress tracking, with the intent to keep home users actively participating in the rehabilitation process and meeting goals for recovery. The L300 Go System became commercially available on August 30, 2017. 

Bioness is the leading provider of innovative technologies helping people regain mobility and independence. Bioness solutions include implantable and external neuromodulation systems, robotic systems and software based therapy programs providing functional and therapeutic benefits for individuals affected by pain, central nervous system disorders and orthopedic injuries.

Currently, Bioness offers six medical devices within its commercial portfolio which are distributed and sold on five continents and in over 50 countries worldwide.