BioMimetic Therapeutics (BioMimetic) has shipped its first order of Augment Bone Graft to its Canadian distributor, Joint Solutions Alliance.

Reportedly, Joint Solutions is the exclusive distributor of BioMimetic’s Augment Bone Graft product in Canada. BioMimetic is expected to utilise product specialists in the Canadian market to work collaboratively with the Joint Solutions team. The product was recently approved by Health Canada for use as an alternative to autograft in foot and ankle fusion surgery.

Steven Hirsch, COO of BioMimetic, said: “Canada represents the first commercial opportunity within orthopedics for BioMimetic, so we are naturally very excited to have the product shipped and available for sale.

“Our distribution partner, Joint Solutions, has already begun the process of familiarising orthopedic surgeons with Augment Bone Graft and the patient benefits of using Augment as an alternative to performing a second surgery to collect autograft. We are confident that once surgeons have evaluated the product, they will welcome the addition of this new regenerative technology to their surgical toolkit.”