Biomet 3i, building on its portfolio of patient specific CAD/CAM restorative products, has been expanding the boundaries of a traditional ‘dental implant’ company, by providing a series of digital solutions from which laboratories, clinicians and patients can benefit.

With the collaboration, Renishaw, as a supplier of precision engineering products to sectors as diverse as aerospace and neurosurgery, obtains the opportunity to spread its expertise in dental manufacturing to a globally.

The digital solutions offered by Biomet 3i and Renishaw include 3i incise Copings and Frameworks, Renishaw contact scanners, 3i incise CAD software and Renishaw in-lab milling machines.

Using the Renishaw scanner and 3i incise CAD software, laboratories are expected to obtain broader access to a wide range of dental milling options, including the ability to scan precision copy milled bar patterns. Laboratories utilising the ProceraForte Scanner can also benefit from all of the options by using the 3i incise CAD software.

Biomet 3i and Renishaw said that clinicians can offer patients 3i incise Copings and Frameworks in Zirconia and Cobalt Chrome and precision copy milled bars. The options are patient specific and designed to result in beautifully crafted new smiles.

Maggie Anderson, president of Biomet 3i, said: “We feel that this partnership will provide our mutual dental customers with unsurpassed access to the latest in digital dentistry technology.”

David McMurtry, chairman and CEO of Renishaw, said: “Renishaw is thrilled to be combining its innovative engineering and CAD/CAM capabilities with Biomet 3i’s renowned clinical excellence and international sales and marketing expertise.”