In fact, ditto is the only Bluetooth 4.0 enabled wireless system connecting multiple compatible glucose meters to a mobile glucose logbook for iOS devices and a cloud-based secure website. The ditto Bluetooth for Android devices has been on the market since October 2013.

The ditto device frees glucose data from thirteen different compatible FDA approved glucose meters and wirelessly syncs with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The website,, is a cloud-based, secure website which enables glucose data tracking from any internet enabled device.

The biggest hassle to glucose data tracking is manual entry into a paper or electronic logbook app.

Biomedtrics CEO Robert Englert noted the company offers a seamless approach to data transmission that integrates into a person’s life.

"The ditto device eliminates manual entries with wireless Bluetooth technology. You can also create a photo snapshot history of activities and food choices with the app. This makes the ditto device and app much more user friendly than other products in the market," Englert added.