IOBS are a relatively new classification of pathogen detection equipment that use advanced fiber optic-based technology to detect a wide variety of human and animal pathogens. These devices are specifically designed to be field deployable and ultraportable, allowing for the rapid detection of various viral and bacterial pathogens by relatively un-trained personnel outside of the laboratory setting.

Earlier, at the end of 2009, Biomagnetics Diagnostics had completed an agreement with Los Alamos National Security, which provides access to some of the most technologically advanced and exciting biosensor technology in existence.

Biomagnetics Diagnostics is planning to introduce the version of the IOBS Biomagnetics into the market later this year which is specifically designed to be operated by personnel with only minimal training and to provide a cost per test profile below that of any other competitive technology.

Clayton Hardman, CEO of Biomagnetics Diagnostics, said: “We believe the receipt of this first integrated optical biosensor unit from Los Alamos will allow us to accelerate both our clinical trial and marketing efforts. Over the short term we plan to begin several clinical studies for malaria and tuberculosis diagnostics and to further expand our distribution reach.”