The device, TRIOS, features a hand-held scanner, spray-free scanning, operator’s control cart, and intuitive software which provides faster impression taking, improved accuracy and clinical results, reduced need for retakes, and less adjustment and grinding.

Biolase chairman and CEO Federico Pignatelli said the company believes that TRIOS is the advanced 3D system with significant competitive advantages.

"Our ability to distribute 3Shape’s TRIOS allows BIOLASE to not only better serve the doctors and oral surgeons doing complex dentistry, but also opens a new market for BIOLASE to partner with dental labs," Pignatelli added.

"By adding the TRIOS digital solution to our lines of advanced laser products and digital imaging products, we can offer dental professionals a ‘one-stop shop’ for a totally integrated group of devices and dental engineering services while, at the same time, driving new revenue growth in all aspects of the dental market."

3Shape operations VP Henrik Vestermark said the agreement with Biolase provides the company with significant new access to the important North American market.

"We are witnessing a strong growing demand for our TRIOS digital system and anticipate that it will quickly become an important and integral part of the modern high-tech dental suite," Vestermark added.

"We believe the shift to digital scanning creates a paradigm shift in dental care with the benefits to dentists and patients being proven every day."

Biolase said the TRIOS device will be available for sale at the annual session until 20 October 2012.