Biolase Technology has received approval from Federal Service of Health Care and Social Development Control to commercialize its Waterlase iPlus all-tissue dental laser systems and iLase portable dental laser systems throughout the Russia.

Biolase sells its products through a Moscow-based dental equipment and materials supplier – Unident.

The Waterlase iPlus, with its Intuitive Power Control, provides minimal to no pain or discomfort and minimizes the need for local anesthetic in most restorative cases.

It also eliminates the risk of bacterial and viral cross-contamination associated with conventional drills and burs, and results in preserving the tissue biologically intact, and without causing the damaging micro-fractures of the tooth structure and avoiding the necrosis caused by heat and abrasion.

Biolase iLase diode laser is a self-contained, hand-held dental laser that includes the laser, user interface, battery power, and controls in a single, integrated handpiece with no foot pedals or cords and performs minimally invasive soft-tissue and hygiene procedures.

Biolase Technology chairman and CEO Federico Pignatelli said these products will help draw attention to the potential of pain-free laser dentistry, its ease of use and clinically superior results as they establish their laser technology as essential tools in advanced dentistry to new potential customers.