Bioheart has signed distribution agreements with Restoration Medical, McRay Medical, Alamo Scientific and Morey Medical. These distributors will assist Bioheart with introducing its Home Heart Failure Monitoring Systems to physicians and hospitals throughout the US.

McRay Medical will distribute the systems in Northern California, Alamo Scientific will distribute in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, Morey Medical will distribute in Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Restoration Medical will distribute the monitoring systems in the rest of the country, said the company.

The compact 3370 Home Heart Failure Monitoring System engages patients through personalized daily interactions and questions, while collecting vital signs and transmitting the information directly into a database. The data are regularly monitored by remotely located medical professionals, who watch for any abnormal readings that may signal a change in the patient’s health status.

Regular data input and monitoring of heart failure patients enables the health care team to detect signs and symptoms of change in patient status as they occur, leading to reduced hospitalizations, reduced costs and better patient outcomes.

Studies of in-home monitoring of heart failure patients have demonstrated a 73% reduction in hospitalizations. Similarly, ER visits are seen to have dropped 88%. Reducing the number and, therefore, cost of heart failure events, as well as these hospitalization recurrences that are so devastating to patients, is a goal of the Bioheart Heart Monitoring System, said the company.

Bioheart has included its heart monitoring system in its product portfolio to monitor patients treated with its MyoCell therapy for congestive heart failure and to monitor patients treated with its TGI 1200 adipose derived stem cell treatment for the period immediately following treatment for cardiac issues, and to carry forward its objective of preventing cardiovascular disease from depriving patients of a normal life.