Bioheart has reported a medical breakthrough with the stem cell treatment for critical limb ischemia patients. The stem cells aid in promoting angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels and providing support for the healing of damaged blood vessels.

Bioheart, in collaboration with University Hospital Ostrava in the Czech Republic, has already begun treating patients with critical limb ischemia utilising adipose derived stem cells treatment – ASCs. Bioheart is working to place the TGI systems throughout the Czech Republic for a variety of other indications including acute myocardial infarction and chronic heart ischemia, developing new and special treatment plans for patients with these heart issues.

TGI 1200 System is a fully-automated, point-of-care system that recovers potentially regenerative stem cells from a patient’s own adipose tissue in about an hour, with minimal operator intervention. Adipose tissue is collected from the patient’s abdomen and processed, which separates out and collects adipose stem cells. The system makes treatment after an event, like a heart attack, efficient. That efficiency contributes to the success of the treatment.

Bioheart is adding the lower limb ischemia treatment to its product portfolio, which seeks to eliminate cardiovascular problems through regeneration and prevention.

Dr. Karl Groth, chairman and CEO of Bioheart, said: “Stem cell therapy is not just intended as a temporary solution, but it is developed as a novel therapy allowing natural repair of diseased vessels and tissues by using the patient’s own cells. Bioheart’s TGI system is able to be used in a number of cardiovascular treatments to aid in the recovery of a normal life. That is Bioheart’s goal.”