Europe and the rest of world (ROW) will be served by BioGenes directly.

CHO|360-HCP ELISA greatly improves the detection of HCPs in CHO cells by employing differently prepared host cell protein antigens and antibodies from two species. CHO|360-HCP ELISA allows users for the first time to easily choose the antibodies that work best for a specific process.

Dagmar Schwertner, Director of Marketing at BioGenes stated: "We are excited to partner with these premier distributors who will introduce CHO|360-HCP ELISA to their esteemed customer base.

"The distribution agreements will help leverage BioGenes’ sales and marketing capabilities to establish CHO|360-HCP ELISA as the preferred generic assay for HCP detection in CHO cells. BioGenes will be working closely with its distributors to ensure a high standard of service."

BioGenes specializes in highly sophisticated and customized antibody and immunoassay development and is an experienced and reliable partner for process development improvements in all areas of quality control, diagnostics and drug discovery.