Biofield Corp. announced that it has got worldwide distribution rights outside of Belgium, for ValiRx plc’s Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) diagnostic test for cervical cancer as well as for ValioRx’s HyperGenomics and Nucleosomic cancer diagnostics products. The Company initially focused on securing US FDA approval to distribute the diagnostic system for the early detection of breast cancer (the BDS) in the US, later it has spread its energies to focus on offering non-invasive and cost effective technologies, on an easily accessible basis, to the world’s largest population centers. The Company plans to achieve its goal by generating sales of the BDS in foreign markets and acquiring other non-invasive detection and prevention technologies. The Company is currently focusing on distributing its product portfolio in China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and other parts of Asia, Latin America, Mexico and Europe. Shepard G. Bentley, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, stated: “We are very pleased to be able to add a HPV diagnostic test for cervical cancer as well as ValioRx’s HyperGenomics and Nucleosomics cancer diagnostics products to our portfolio. When combining these products with those which we acquired pursuant to an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with NeuroMed Devices, Inc. for the treatment of oral and genital herpes, with our own proprietary BDS, we are extremely well positioned to provide a broad range of non-invasive products and services.”