The powder and liquid components of geneX are provided pre-packed in separate syringes. The syringes connect together and allow a faster, simpler and cleaner way for mixing geneX. The resulting setting paste can then be delivered through an 8cm dispenser (included). geneX ds is ideal for difficult-to-reach surgical sites or minimally invasive procedures, said the company.

Chris Gauland, Surgeon at the Eastern Carolina Foot and Ankle Specialists, said: “geneX ds incorporates everything I need in a bone void filler and is an adjunct to osseous unions. It is easy to mix, quick setting and radio dense. The geneX ds delivery system allows me to precisely apply the material directly to the surgical site.”

Stephen Bratt, managing director of Biocomposites, said: “Expanding clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of ZPC technology in trauma has prompted surgeons’ requests for a geneX delivery system for complex cases. geneX ds addresses the surgeons’ needs for an easy-to-use mixing and delivery kit that will present geneX to a much wider surgeon and patient base.”

geneX is a synthetic bone graft material with a bi-phasic composition manufactured through a process ZPC (Zeta Potential Control) that confers the product with a reproducible negative surface charge. This property stimulates bone cell activity, accelerating bone formation and fusion by harnessing key proteins and directing osteoblast adhesion and proliferation for osteogenesis.

The new system is resorbable and is completely replaced by bone.