Stratose and Galaxy Health Network (GHN) members will now have network access to Biocept’s proprietary non-invasive liquid biopsy testing.

With these new agreements, which cover over 12 million members, approximately 31 million Americans have coverage for Biocept’s blood-based liquid biopsy testing through their healthcare plans.

Stratose maintains one of the largest directly managed PPO networks in the U.S., including more than 850,000 direct and affiliate medical, dental and workers’ compensation provider contracts.

GHN includes a network of more than 400,000 directly contracted physicians, facilities and hospitals.

"The healthcare community recognizes the importance of determining molecular biomarker status in making treatment decisions for cancer patients," said Michael Nall, President and CEO of Biocept.

Biocept offers clinically valuable molecular analysis from a non-invasive blood sample, known as a liquid biopsy, to aid physicians when they are making decisions about treatment for a wide number of recurrent and metastatic cancers.

Biocept’s blood based-tests are also used by physicians for non-invasive monitoring of the biomarker status of cancer patients.

Biocept now offers blood based biomarker analysis for multiple important biomarkers including Her2, ER, ALK, FGFR1, Met, EGFR, KRAS and BRAF, which are important in treatment decisions for patients with lung, breast, colorectal and melanoma.

Amy McNeal, Biocept’s Senior Director of Strategic Reimbursement, stated, "Biocept’s liquid biopsy testing is changing the way physicians evaluate tumor status and monitor both response and resistance to treatment. We are offering patients and their physicians a solution for the previously unmet medical need for when tissue biopsy is not an option and therefore, important treatment information was not possible."