With new diagnostic genetic markers like KIF6 and LPA, accessing stored DNA eliminates the need to collect a new sample and facilitates return of potentially critical medical information back to the physician.

GenTegra technology is an innovation in stabilizing biosamples comprised of inert chemical matrix with built-in oxidative protection and antimicrobial activity for dry, room temperature transport and biobanking of purified DNA. GenTegra DNA is provided in ready to use aliquots, and purified DNA dried within GenTegra DNA is simply and fully resolubilized with water for direct downstream molecular analysis.

David Wellis, president and CEO at GenVault, said: “GenVault is excited to partner with Berkeley HeartLab in the application of our GenTegra technology in support of diagnostic genetic testing. Berkeley HeartLab’s extensive and successful validation of GenTegra within their CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory is testimony to the robustness and quality of GenVault’s technologies in managing clinical samples.”

Jean Amos Wilson, vice president of laboratory operations at Berkeley HeartLab, said: “At Berkeley HeartLab, the further integration of genetic tests into the standard panels of cardiovascular diagnostics requires efficient, high quality DNA handling and management. GenVault’s GenTegra DNA provides a robust infrastructure for supporting our genetic testing business.”