Wearers can also customize their hearing experience through the Beltone HearPlus app. Beltone First advances a number of Beltone technologies which already lead the hearing care industry. Among them:

– Beltone First applies the latest and most advanced integrated sound processing technology, providing top-rated quality sound.

– Beltone First is a made for iPhone hearing aid that offers direct streaming of sound from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing wearers to utilize their hearing aids to talk on the phone and listen to music in high-quality stereo sound without the need for an additional remote control, accessory, or pendant.

– The accompanying Beltone HearPlus app allows users to set preferred volume levels as well as treble/bass settings, and use geo-tagging to assign and adjust to the acoustics of frequently visited places like home, work, favorite restaurants and more. Beltone HearPlus also features a ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ function to help users pinpoint their hearing aids if misplaced.

– Beltone First is the smallest wireless receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid brought to market by Beltone, yet powerful enough to address 90% of all hearing losses.

– Beltone’s unique 2.4GHz wireless technology is behind this latest technological breakthrough. Beltone First is the first hearing aid on the market to integrate this processing advance with Bluetooth Smart technology.

Beltone President Todd Murray noted the company is committed to improving people’s lives through technology that makes it easier than ever for Beltone wearers to control their hearing aids.

"We have developed the world’s best hearing aid by combining Beltone’s life-changing technologies with the compatibility and global prevalence of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch," Murray added.