The company said that the Rapid Infuser has been used by the US Army for treating massive blood loss in Iraq and Afghanistan where it has been credited with helping to treat wounded and save the lives of hundreds of soldiers and civilians. This life-saving device is also used in major hospitals in the US and a growing number of medical centers throughout the world.

The key features of Belmont Instrument include built in high flow pump which controls flow rate, two air detectors, one at the inflow detects, and alerts the user, if out of fluid. The other air detector checks for air in the fluid line before it enters the patient and aids in positive air removal at any air detection, system valve automatically closes the line to the patient and pumps air back to the reservoir.

Other features include line pressure monitoring, efficient heat exchange, infrared temperature sensors and the display screen prompts the user through the set-up, system prime, and the patient line prime. Also, if alarm occurs, it shows alarm message with pictorial diagrams assisting with troubleshooting.