BD Biosciences announced the US launch of the BD FACSLink LIS (Laboratory Information System) interface solution. It is designed to help clinical laboratories that use BD clinical flow cytometry instruments to handle test orders more efficiently.

“As clinical laboratories strive to improve productivity, the need to interface flow cytometry systems with their LIS is becoming increasingly important,” said Don Fourby, Director of Software Marketing, BD Biosciences. “Connecting to a LIS enables the direct transfer of data, which reduces errors caused during manual transcriptions.”

The BD FACSLink LIS interface solution is powered by Instrument Manager software from Data Innovations, Inc. It enables laboratory professionals to create work lists containing downloaded LIS test orders for BD FACSCanto, BD FACSCanto II and BD FACSCalibur flow cytometers, as well as the BD FACS Sample Prep Assistant II (SPA II). Users can also select and transfer reviewed results from the instrument software to the LIS with no manual entry.

Whether users have a single BD FACSCanto flow cytometry system or many clinical BD FACS systems, the BD FACSLink LIS interface solution allows them to configure and set up LIS connectivity with each BD flow cytometer in the laboratory. The software solution also includes a remote access capability that allows users to create a work list or transfer analyzed and reviewed results from any BD workstation in the laboratory.

“BD Biosciences is committed to offering comprehensive, innovative technologies and products that support research to better understand cell processes and disease,” said Fourby. “This commitment extends beyond our flow cytometry systems and reagents to integrated software solutions that improve overall lab workflow and productivity.”