The high-throughput single-cell multiomics platform will support accelerating discovery across immunology, genetic disease research, and cancer and chronic disease research

BD New HT Xpress System

The BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System. (Credit: BD)

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has unveiled BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System for single-cell multiomics analysis to run high-throughput studies without compromising sample integrity.

The new instrument could speed up discovery across immunology, genetic disease research, and cancer and chronic disease research, said the US-based medical technology company.

BD has designed the Rhapsody HT Xpress System to help scientists to extract, barcode, and analyse single cells at high sample throughput. The new instrument is claimed to analyse up to eight times more cells compared to earlier single-cell analyser models from BD.

According to the firm, the new system guarantees no sample loss and provides researchers with the freedom to simultaneously examine many samples and various cell types and sizes.

It can analyse stem cells and cancer cells in order to gain more knowledge in less time, BD said. The new offering will be showcased by the company at this week’s Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting in Hollywood, Florida.

BD biosciences worldwide president Steve Conly said: “As single-cell research continues to advance, multiplexing and higher-throughput studies are increasingly essential for researchers at genome centers, core lab facilities and translational research organisations.

“The BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System, alongside our BD cell sorters, which are critical in the single-cell workflow, and the rest of the BD Rhapsody portfolio of reagents, assays and bioinformatics tools, enables BD to provide a true end-to-end portfolio of single-cell multiomics solutions for researchers and their potentially life-changing work.”

Additionally, BD will unveil its cell receptor profiling tool BD Rhapsody Mouse TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay for single-cell studies and BD Flex Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits as a companion tool for single-cell studies.

The medical technology company said that BD Flex can be used on any BD Rhapsody system, including the BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System, to measure more elements in a single run by increasing the number of sample tags.

The BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System, which will soon be commercially available around the world, is now in the final stages of early-access testing by BD.