Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has released a new ultra-fine Nano pen needle with PentaPoint Comfort, featuring patented 5-bevel needle tip able to penetrate skin more easily for patients who require insulin injection.

The company said 5-bevel pen needles as demonstrated in a clinical home-use study were found to be less painful, easier to insert, more comfortable and preferred overall when compared with current 3-bevel pen needles.

Bench tests also showed that the modified PentaPoint needle tip reduces the force to penetrate the skin by 23% compared to 3-bevel pen needles.

By utilizing one-handed injection technique and flexible site rotation, the Nano pen needle improves adherence to diabetes therapy regimens and provide better health outcomes.

BD Medical diabetes care division president Linda Tharby said the BD Nano with the new patented PentaPoint Comfort technology will provide more comfortable injection experience.

"This will help enable patients to adopt and adhere more easily to the therapy regimens recommended to improve their outcomes," Tharby added.