Built for benchtop use, the new BD FACSMelody sorter is easy to learn, install and use and provides excellent sensitivity, resolution and sort purity.

The simplicity of the BD FACSMelody follows in the footsteps of other newly launched BD flow cytometers such as the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus and BD FACSCelesta™ systems.

The BD FACSMelody cell sorter features high sensitivity to identify and isolate target cells for up to nine colors, extending the multicolor capability compared to similar cell sorters that is essential for identification of dim or rare subpopulations.

The new BD FACSChorus™ software guides researchers throughout the entire cell sorting process using advanced automation technology. This cell sorting technology allows researchers to simultaneously isolate two cell populations into separate tubes or deposit single or multiple target cells into 96- or 384-well plates.

The BD FACSMelody system enables researchers at multiple skill levels to achieve high-purity sorting.
"As a leader in cell analysis and sorting, BD’s goal is to advance scientific discovery by providing expedient, high-performance cell isolation and sorting tools to a wide spectrum of researchers," said Claude Dartiguelongue, worldwide president of Biosciences for BD.

"The BD FACSMelody system not only simplifies the entire operational process, but also has been designed to maximize cell population resolution and sort purity."

The BD FACSMelody cell sorting system is offered in six different configurations to best meet application needs ranging from a molecular biology lab isolating transfected cells with a single-color reporter gene to an immunology lab sorting a rare lymphocyte subset with a nine-color reagent panel. The system includes a gel-coupled cuvette, which eliminates optical fluidic alignment, provides excellent sensitivity and resolution, and is uniquely designed to leverage the broad BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagent portfolio. The BD FACSChorus software precisely regulates the sorting of droplets and steering of sorted cells into collection devices.

The first live presentation of the new BD FACSMelody cell sorter for research use only will be showcased in booth 318 during the upcoming CYTO annual meeting being held June 11-15 at the Washington State Convention Center.

BD is now accepting purchase orders for the new BD FACSMelody sorter, and shipments will commence in the third quarter of this calendar year.