The FACSJazz cell sorter, including digital controls and factory-optimized settings, simplifies cellular isolation and analysis for researchers requiring high sample integrity.

BD Biosciences president Alberto Mas said the BD FACSJazz cell sorting system can identify and isolate single or multiple cells even from complex or extremely rare cell populations right from the benchtop.

"With application across a number of applications, we believe that this product will complement the recent and very rapid advances in genomic studies where sample integrity is critical for next-generation sequencing and sequence detection," Mas added.

The isolated single or multiple cells can be deposited in 96 and 384 well plates with precision, accuracy and rapidity.

The cell sorter is available with an optional, custom-designed biological safety cabinet and can be configured to support up to six colors with eight parameters.

The system, including a standard blue laser, can be additionally configured with an optional red or a violet laser and a pulse processing to enhance live dead cell discrimination and cell cycle analysis.

In addition, the BD FACS Sortware sorts the cells to simplify workflow and to isolate them into tubes, or plates as single or multiple cells.