Bayer Diabetes Care's (Bayer) CONTOUR USB meter, which the company claims the first blood glucose monitor that connects directly to a PC or MAC, providing users with instant access to information and trends about their blood sugar levels, is now available for purchase through Walgreens online pharmacy and will soon also be available online through CVS and Walmart.

Bayer’s CONTOUR USB has innovative built-in USB technology that allows patients to simply plug in to gain knowledge about trends and patterns in their blood glucose levels. It also stores up to 2,000 test results, features a bright color display, includes intuitive pre/post-meal marking, comes with 500MB of extra memory for storage of personal diabetes information and a rechargeable battery. It is also integrated with GLUCOFACTS Deluxe diabetes management software for easy retrieval of data and longer-term tracking and analysis of blood glucose test results.

The CONTOUR USB meter is based on Bayer’s trusted CONTOUR system, providing the same easy accuracy, No Coding technology, no interference with maltose, galactose, and oxygen and automatic correction for hematocrit and common interfering substances (e.g., acetaminophen, ascorbic acid), as well as a 5-second test time and small (0.6 µL) sample size. The CONTOUR USB meter uses CONTOUR blood glucose test strips currently available for other CONTOUR meters.