The Evo IQ Infusion System recently received regulatory approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. These markets represent the first in a series of planned regulatory submissions for the Evo IQ Infusion System in countries around the world, with commercial launch activities starting in the third quarter of this year.

The Evo IQ Infusion System features a scalable platform and user-centric design that includes an advanced drug library and dose error reduction software to promote patient safety; intuitive clinical workflows to help optimize clinician efficiency; and Baxter’s One Set technology, which allows clinicians to easily switch between gravity and pump applications without changing sets, reducing disconnects and set changes and may help reduce opportunities for touch contamination, along with helping to reduce IV tubing use and costs.

Baxter medication delivery general manager David Ferguson said: “With the Evo IQ Infusion System, Baxter is extending its leading-edge infusion systems technology to help increase drug library compliance and protect patient infusions in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The Evo IQ Infusion System provides healthcare facilities with access to Baxter’s proven infusion safety technology in an adaptable system that can grow with their needs.”

Designed to Promote Patient Safety through Drug Library Compliance

Drug libraries are the defining feature of smart pumps, designed to help clinicians identify infusion pump programming errors. The drug library allows hospitals to curate a list of medications and fluids and set medically appropriate dose ranges.

If programming goes beyond the limits specified for that medication, smart infusion pumps—like the Evo IQ Infusion System—will alert clinicians before they administer the medication and in some cases, prevent the delivery of the medication.

Every Evo IQ Infusion System works with Baxter’s customizable Dose IQ safety software to streamline programming steps and help reduce the chance of error and is designed to facilitate effective use of drug libraries, including:

Simplifying and expediting the hospital pharmacy’s drug library creation with support from a Baxter specialist

Automatically defaulting to the drug library when powered on and requiring fewer programming steps to start an infusion

Providing dosing feedback at the point of use, including drug name and both soft and hard safety limits

Enabling easy drug library updates to help ensure programming is based on the most up-to-date parameters

Engineered to Provide a High Standard of Efficiency

At launch, the Evo IQ Infusion System will include a large volumetric infusion pump, with a pipeline of complementary technology to launch in the future, including additional pump and set offerings that will enable healthcare facilities to expand and upgrade the Evo IQ platform. Other Evo IQ Infusion System features designed to help increase hospital efficiency include:

A modular and upgradable design, with features that make training faster and can potentially reduce implementation, training and servicing costs

Lightweight and portable pumps with stacking and docking station options that are easy to move, clean, maintain and set up

Clear organization of critical infusion parameters on screen

Prioritized alarms differentiated by severity to help reduce alarm fatigue

Source: Company Press Release