Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX), an innovator in connected beds for med-surg and the intensive care unit (ICU), announced today the U.S. launch of its new Hillrom Progressa+ bed for the ICU. Progressa+ offers new technology and features that help make it easier for nurses to care for patients, while supporting patient recovery.

“Our new and improved Progressa+ is a ‘true ICU bed,’ designed for the realities of critical care, where patient needs are high and clinical staff can be stretched thin,” said Julie Brewer, president, Baxter’s Patient Support Systems, Global Surgical Solutions and Care Communications businesses. “We asked ICU care teams how we could make their jobs easier, and then designed the next generation of our leading ICU bed with features that help address challenges, such as reducing strain on nursing resources, lessening risk of pressure injuries and simplifying patient positioning.”

Progressa+ includes technologies designed to help support pulmonary needs, protect skin and support early mobility protocols.

Progressa+ is now available in the United States. Baxter plans to launch its latest ICU bed in additional markets across the globe throughout the next 18 months. Progressa+ is part of Baxter’s comprehensive portfolio of beds and surfaces that are tailored for nearly all care environments.

Source: Company Press Release