Baxa, a provider of medical devices and systems that automate pharmacy operations and increase patient safety, has released the InFuse T-10 Syringe Infuser.

Baxa said that the InFuse T-10 Syringe Infuser frees up expensive, smart infusion pumps for more critical applications and gives nurses more time to focus on patient care.

The company said that the infuser is specifically designed for the delivery of intermittent antibiotics and other non-rate critical intravenous doses.

The Baxa InFuse T-10 Infuser offers cost savings over minibag IV delivery. When paired with the IntelliFill i.v. or RapidFill Syringe Filling Automation, the InFuse Infuser provides a complete system for easy administration of filled antibiotic syringes. The result is a medication delivery system at a lower cost than competitive options.

According to a Pharmacy Practice News Special Report titled, ‘Re-engineering the IV. Medication Delivery System to Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes,’ Partners Healthcare realised a first-year savings of $1.4m upon switching from minibags to a syringe infuser. Estimated savings using the InFuse Infuser range from $1 to $5 per dose.

Megan Kleckner, senior product manager at Baxa, said: “The Baxa InFuse T-10 is a compact solution that complements the Baxa RapidFill and IntelliFill i.v. syringe filling automation as a simple solution for delivering intermittent antibiotics in standardized syringe-based doses.”