Designed to reduce glare and halos for better vision, the new monthly contact lenses bring together several improvements to help overcome the challenges that contact lens wearers face, including spherical aberration, an optical effect that can result in blurred vision, glare and halos.

PureVision 2 with High Definition Optics optimises design to reduce spherical aberration across the entire power range.

The lenses are packaged in a solution that delivers comfort upon insertion. Additionally, the new lenses provide high levels of oxygen transmissibility during wear to ensure a healthy environment for the eyes, Bausch + Lomb said.

Bausch + Lomb Vision Care – North America Brand Marketing vice president Lisa VanDeMark said that when designing PureVision 2 with High Definition Optics, they looked to the lifestyles that millions of patients are living today. These lifestyles include activities in which vision is critical, including nighttime driving, classroom learning, and athletics.

“With nearly 25 million Americans reporting that they drive between midnight and 6:30 am, and college students spending 11-15 hours in the classroom per week, PureVision 2 with High Definition Optics provides a contact lens designed for crisp, clear vision, especially in low light,” VanDeMark said.