B Braun has launched 3-in-1 technology foam dressing with soft silicone adhesive, Askina DresSil, thereby completing the already existing soft silicone wound contact layer Askina SilNet, at the 20th Congress of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) in Geneva, Switzerland.

B Braun’s full range of wound care products such as Askina Calgitrol Ag and Prontosan offer responses to basic needs for moist treatments, complex wounds and non-healing wounds, thus providing a novel approach to wound repair.

Regnier, internal marketing director of B Braun Medical (CoE Wound Care, France), said: “Silicone technology (Askina DresSil) provides a new standard of a traumatic wound care treatment whilst for infected wounds, the patented ionic silver alginate matrices (Askina Calgitrol Ag), provide a broad antimicrobial effectiveness and help to prevent contamination from external bacteria.”

Bussell, head of Centre of Excellence Infection Control (Prontosan), said: “The Wound Care symposium on Solutions for Problem Wounds will be chaired by Keith Harding (University of Cardiff, UK), who is joined by a team of acknowledged opinion leaders in wound care management including Gerit Mulder (University of California, US) and Wassim Raffoul (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).”