Since 2007, Avance has been used at leading military centers across the US for the repair of peripheral nerve injuries due to explosions and other trauma. Peripheral nerves carry the signals to and from the brain allowing muscle movement and the perception of sensation, said the company.

Avance is surgically implanted by hand, plastic and orthopedic surgeons to provide veterans and enlisted men and women an option to repair their injured nerves. Avance allows surgeons to bridge nerve gaps using a sterile scaffold from donated human peripheral nerves.

Karen Zaderej, COO for AxoGen, said: “We are proud that Avance Nerve Graft can help veterans and enlisted men and women, who are committed to serve our country, regain nerve function and sensation. We recently provided a shipment of Avance to a US military base in Afghanistan to help civilians impacted by the military efforts there.

“AxoGen is dedicated to providing surgeons with a safe and innovative option to bridge the gap in damaged peripheral nerves and we are confident that Avance will continue to help enlisted men and women, veterans and civilians regain nerve function.”