The handheld lightweight device offers practitioners the convenience of intraoperative visualization and complete operability in one hand. The C-MOR comprises a distinctive and cost-effective imaging device offering benefits to medical practitioners in a variety of applications, including lengthy surgeries requiring constant re-evaluation of the operating field over the course of the surgery.

AST said that the complex surgery for reconstruction of the spinal column may be compromised by limited visualization of the anterior column of the spine. Intraoperative navigation tools including fluoroscopy and CT-based image guidance have significant limitations in patients with deformities because the relationship between adjacent vertebra and perivertebral structures is dynamic and changing with surgical progress.

The C-MOR is designed to provide added convenience to the procedure by using an on-board LCD display and luminous LED lighting, providing better utilization of the surgeon’s natural field of view and range of motion. The C-MOR also provides real-time images during the resection of vertebral elements and reconstruction of the anterior column of the spine.

Fred Seddiqui, CEO of Axis Surgical, said: “I am pleased to see evidence of the significant benefits C-MOR has to offer for spine procedures. This compact yet powerful technology is poised to become an essential tool for multiple surgical applications and indications, including orthopedics and spine.”

Dr Berven, said: “A precise removal of bone elements, protection of neural and vascular structures, and preparation of the surgical site for implant placement are critical for the success of the operation. The C-MOR facilitated real-time visualization of the anterior column of the spine around the spinal cord, and was a key tool in the surgery.”