The pump is expected to be released early 2021.

“Avoset’s existing technology and Eitan Group’s manufacturing, regulatory and R&D capabilities made Avoset the clear choice to develop the next generation of connected dedicated pump solutions,” said a spokesperson from the tier-one pharma partner. “We have complementary expertise; Avoset’s innovation combined with our mature medical and pharmaceutical devices will help patients around the world get more effective treatment.”

Avoset’s technology enables its pumps to track patients’ treatment adherence through a cloud-connected system. Physicians and pharmacists will have full visibility into when patients received their most recent infusions, how much drug was infused, and which patients require further support and intervention. Patients are able to connect to the pre-programmed infusion pump and begin a treatment with the click of a button, providing an intuitive and simple user experience.

“Our belief is that providing data from the homecare infusion setting will enable providers to make necessary adjustments to the current standard of care for improved patient outcomes,” said Avoset CEO Shaul Eitan. “Combining our partner’s extensive knowledge, market access and true forward-looking vision with Avoset’s product innovation can advance dedicated infusion towards a value and outcomes-based approach through quantifiable data access.”

Avoset is one of three affiliate companies under Eitan Group, which is devoted to developing connected infusion solutions across the care continuum.

Source: Company Press Release