Benefits for patients include convenient, easy to use, chronic relief and intractable pain, non-pharmaceutical relief with no drug side effects, reimbursement available from Medicare and most private insurance, said the company.

Provider benefits include biofeedback interacts with body’s responses to stimulus for more effective therapy, adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain, optional accessories enable better area coverage and delivery of electro-stimulation therapy.

Lamont Leavitt, CEO of ChiroCode Institute, Phoenix, AZ, said: “Avazzia is exactly the kind of talented, fast-moving company my father was searching for in order to form a marketing partnership. We feel Avazzia products fill a niche that was not previously served in terms of cost, performance, and product mix. Working together will help us realize our long-term goal of helping people.”

Tim Smith, CEO of Avazzia, Dallas, TX, said: “Entering any market can be fraught with difficulty. Teaming with ChiroCode gives us a strong advantage in speed of penetration and will help lower our costs by decreasing our time-to-market. With our company’s semiconductor and manufacturing expertise, and ChiroCode’s deep roots formed by serving doctors, we anticipate an exciting and profitable market entry.”

“The BEST technology on which Avazzia products are based is unique in its approach to pain management. Microcurrent stimulation is a proven technology for control of pain, but earlier generations of products have not had this product’s reliability. And the ability of Avazzia BEST products to ‘listen’ to the patients’ response and adjust dosing accordingly, simplifies the application.”