Avacta Group has partnered with Mologic to develop diagnostic tests against several targets of clinical interest for point of care (POC) testing.

By using Avacta’s Affimer technology, the companies will develop novel diagnostic assays, as well as new lateral flow devices (LFDs) as POC diagnostics for human healthcare.

Affimer-based LFDs are expected to address multiple existing limitations of traditional antibody-based systems.

The reagents can be specifically designed to a range of targets under reproducible and cost-effective process.

Under the deal, the firm will share the revenues obtained from the commercialisation of the new diagnostics products.

Avacta CEO Alastair Smith said: "I am very pleased that we have established this collaborative partnership with Mologic, who are well recognised as an innovative developer of lateral flow devices.

Mologic CEO Mark Davis said: "By partnering with Avacta and becoming one of the first companies to develop LFD tests using the Affimer platform, we have the potential to address a wider range of challenging targets than is possible with antibodies alone, with faster development times and improved performance, to the benefit of customers and patients."

Avacta is currently commercialising non-therapeutic Affimer reagents to provide research and diagnostics customers with tailored solutions.

Mologic is engaged in developing novel diagnostic products for human and non-human applications.