Dario, a cloud-based, diabetes management solution, incorporates software applications combined with the Dario smart meter.

The pocket-sized Dario smart meter interfaces with a user’s mobile device to form the overall Dario diabetes management solution, allowing diabetics to monitor their blood sugars and other activities and gain insights into managing their disease using their mobile devices.

Currently, LabStyle Innovations has launched the iOS version of Dario in the UK, Italy, Australia and New Zealand in March 2014.

The company claims that penetration into the Canadian market is its next step in the strategic rollout plan for the Dario distribution plan in North America. This precedes the Dario market rollout in the US.

The company had earlier filed a 510(k) application with the US Food and Drug Administration to allow the marketing of Dario in the US. It expects a formal response in late 2014 or early 2015.

LabStyle Innovations president and CEO Erez Raphael said: "With Dario, diabetes management is not only about generating accurate blood glucose measurements but also gathering and providing practical information, analysis and suggestions, including through via social community channels, to help those with diabetes make better informed decisions and improve their lifestyle."

Image: LabStyle Innovations’ Dario Smartphone-based diabetes management system. Photo: Courtesy of BusinessWire.