AuthAir develops cutting edge authentication solutions that make authentication systems more robust and reliable. Their solutions seamlessly integrate with simple and complex IT infrastructures while adding additional layers of security, helping businesses – large and small – meet regulations with compliance, promoting industry best practices for multiple verticals.

The company’s first solution, AuthAir Dental, takes aim at dramatically easing the Dental vertical’s particular HIPAA security compliance concerns to keep protected electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) away from prying eyes during both routine and specialized visits to Dental offices.

AuthAir CEO Yaron Baitch noted that the company has purpose-built AuthAir to take authentication to the next level, by providing more protection than current solutions in a way that requires little-to-no modification to existing end user processes and procedures.

"In the case of our Dental product we’re able to allow office staff to leave their tokens in their pockets, or around their necks on a lanyard, without having to type a code of any kind.

"We make use of secure communication, seamlessly interacting with previously secured workstations, to create an authentication geofence around that practice’s office computer network.

"Only a valid user with an authorized AuthAir Dental token on their person will automatically unlock an AuthAir Dental secured station when they come within an allowable distance and be able to read or edit patient records."

The company is exhibiting at the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta from 27 March to 29 March at the Georgia World Congress Center.