Aushon BioSystems has used its multiplex immunoassay platform to validate panel of prognostic and predictive protein biomarkers in recent Phase II and Phase III studies.

The data showed clinical benefit and prognostic of disease outcome in patients with advanced or metastatic renal cell cancer.

Aushon BioSystems provides a suite of multiplex immunoassay products and services for protein biomarker discovery, development and analysis to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and diagnostic clients.

Aushon claims its combination of microarray printing technology, biomarker content and a multiplex immunoassay technology platform delivers performance, quality that accelerate pre-clinical and clinical biomarker research.

Aushon CEO Peter Honkanen said data from these Phase II and Phase III studies demonstrate that the company’s multiplex technology can perform as well as the ELISA, while providing all the other benefits of a next-generation, multiplex platform including convenience, reduced sample consumption, higher throughput and lower cost performance.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center also reported results from a Phase II study earlier last year, which demonstrated correlation between Aushon’s platform and the ELISA across multiple biomarkers.