The device was previously launched in April 2016 with FDA 510(k) Clearance in the United States.

"We are excited to bring the AtriClip PRO2 device to the European market," said Michael Carrel, President and CEO of AtriCure.

"The US launch has been well received by our customers and we’re looking forward to the continued growth of the AtriClip franchise."

The addition of the AtriClip PRO2 device has expanded the left atrial appendage product offerings and now provides an ambidextrous locking and trigger-style clip closing mechanism, handle-based active articulation levers, and a hoopless end effector.

These features have improved the ease of use and time it takes to manage the left atrial appendage.

AtriCure is a medical device company providing innovative atrial fibrillation (Afib) solutions designed to produce superior outcomes that reduce the economic and social burden of atrial fibrillation.

AtriCure’s Synergy Ablation System is the first and only surgical device approved for the treatment of persistent and longstanding persistent forms of Afib in patients undergoing certain open concomitant procedures. A