The product component of the MASCT System consists of a reusable hand-held pump device for the collection of nipple aspirate fluid (NAF), a patient kit that includes two NAF sample vials, and a shipment kit for the transportation of NAF samples to a specialized cytology and molecular diagnostics laboratory.

The MASCT System, a ‘ Pap test for breast cancer’ designed by HLB is to collect NAF which contains cells from the lining of the milk ducts and the lobules where approximately 85% of all breast cancers originate.

Once collected, the NAF sample will undergo analysis in Atossa’s specially equipped pathology lab to determine whether the cells are normal, atypical (premalignant), or malignant.

The MASCT System uses no radiation and takes less than 5 minutes in a doctor’s office or mammography center.

The MASCT System is expected to be launched in the Pacific Northwest this year and across the US in 2012.