SphygmoCor system visibly identifies the effects of reflected blood pressure in the central aortic pressure wave, effects which cannot be detected with standard blood pressure monitoring.

AtCor Medical said that a large part of the contract value is expected to be recognised in the current financial year. It has an ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities and anticipates additional pharmaceutical contracts in the current financial year.

Duncan Ross, CEO at AtCor Medical, said: “This is a significant contract, which confirms AtCor’s strong market position as the provider of noninvasive central blood pressure measurement in clinical trials. The new agreement demonstrates that AtCor’s growing reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction is being recognised through expanded business with long-term clients.

“Scientific publications continue to reinforce the importance of using central blood pressure as a measurement. Using our SphygmoCor technology the, NIH-funded Strong Heart Study showed that increased central pressure is associated with cardiovascular risk.

“It found that when central pulse pressure rises above 50mm Hg, patient risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease nearly doubles, while no such association was shown for brachial pulse pressure measurements taken at the arm. Understanding a drug’s effect on central pressure is vitally important in assessing efficacy and in assuring drug safety. It is equally important in patient care.”