AspenBio said that based on the interim analysis, the trial, currently with over 600 patients enrolled, will continue enrollment to approximately 800 patients with completion anticipated in March 2010. Given the time estimate to complete the current trial and related data analysis, the company has withdrawn its 510(k) on file with the FDA and will submit a new 510(k) with full results from the ongoing clinical trial.

The interim analysis determined that the trial is sized for the primary endpoint goal, the use of AppyScore test alone. The data set gathered for the interim analysis was not sufficient to provide guidance, at this stage, on if the trial is adequately sized for the secondary endpoints using AppyScore in combination with either white blood cell count (WBC) or neutrophil count. The company said that there can be no assurance of the outcome of the study based on the interim analysis.

Daryl Faulkner, chief executive officer of AspenBio Pharma, said: “We believe AppyScore has the potential to help improve physicians’ evaluation of appendicitis, eliminating unnecessary CT scans and reducing radiation exposure risk for patients while also reducing health care costs.

“We continue to actively enroll patients in the ongoing clinical trial and believe that submitting a new 510(k) based on a full analysis of the data from this study will provide the most effective path to 510(k) clearance. Our new timeline includes finalizing the trial results and submitting the new 510(k) in the second quarter of 2010.

“In addition, we continue to make progress advancing our second generation AppyScore product a stand-alone, cassette and reader instrument platform and anticipate being in a position to begin clinical trials for this rapid assay in the second half of 2010.”