The software features a ‘push button’ and aids researchers to set-up and run rapid MRI studies on the M2 platform and to create meaningful data.

Certainti software automatically references an extensive library of pre-programmed sequences and imaging protocols to automatically generate imaging sessions.

Certainti accesses its database of hundreds of configurations to automatically select and execute an optimal MRI imaging protocol through defining key criteria such as animal model and placement, target or tumor location (for cancer applications), target anatomy, and the type of imaging required (ie. 2D or 3D).

The initial applications supported by Certainti are 2D and 3D tumor imaging and anatomical imaging of small animal models.

Aspect Imaging founder and CEO Uri Rapoport said Certainti in combination with the M2 system, can be easily operated by the non-imager to leverage MRI to quantify their phenotypes in vivo.