Gloster Europe designs and markets an area decontamination technology that provides disinfection of patient environments such as hospital and operating rooms. The technology generates a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide on all surfaces for broad and efficient disinfection.

Reportedly, Gloster’s technologies, marketed under the Sterinis brand name, are currently available in Europe, the Middle East and select countries in Africa and Asia. The company plans for rapid expansion to other markets in 2010 and beyond, pending country-specific regulations.

Chuck Austin, president of ASP, said: “Area decontamination technology is a perfect strategic complement to ASP’s existing portfolio of surgical instrument sterilization, high-level disinfection and hand hygiene solutions. Healthcare-acquired infections are a growing global concern. ASP is proud to offer patients who need hospital care greater peace of mind, knowing their room has the added infection protection benefit of this advanced and automated disinfection technology.”