The release of DURAsuite 5 further safeguards the security and wellbeing of staff and patients for a complete High Availability (HA) architecture with automatic IP failover and complete data replication. These enhancements provide a complete redundant solution with minimal downtime and near zero data loss.

"DURAsuite 5 includes significant enhancements both for new and existing customers with demanding availability needs. It is representative of the continued investment from Ascom Integrated Wireless to deliver a highly flexible, feature rich, and reliable integration platform," says Just Freitag, Head of Development at Ascom Integrated Wireless.

The release arrives with new features addressing the message routing and protocols allowing better integration.

The upgrade includes alarms raised in DURAevent can now be directed to a compatible High Level Interface (HLI) via DURAlink.

DURAlink now supports the traditional Ascom AI protocol for integration with Honeywell EBI.

DURAsuite can now be launched as a Java Web Start application independent from the browser by using the launchDS.html page.

The DURAsuite client application now conforms to Java’s security policy and will no longer be blocked in new versions of Java.

DURAsuite now supports Kerberos / Active Directory authentication without the need for a proxy.

The SMS DURAlink protocol is now compatible with the FX100 SMS modem.