The Movement Hemi Great Toe System is intended to maintain motion for patients with painful arthritic great toe joints.

Ascension said that the Movement Hemi Great Toe System provides cannulated instrumentation for ease of use and utilises a conical reaming approach for minimal bone resection and retention of plantar soft tissue attachments. This system provides resurfacing hemi arthroplasty for either side of the great toe joint, allowing foot surgeons’ intra-operative flexibility. It is available in four sizes.

The system reflects Ascension’s dedication to expand its foot and ankle product offering which includes the Total Foot System, a procedure-specific locking plate system for forefoot and hindfoot surgery, the Capture Screw System, a full-line of cannulated compression screws, and the PyroSphere TMT, the first PyroCarbon implant available for the foot.

Guy Mayer, president and CEO of Ascension Orthopedics, said: “The addition of the Movement Hemi Great Toe System demonstrates the company’s leadership role in extremity orthopedics and highlights our commitment to providing innovative solutions for the specific challenges faced by foot and ankle surgeons.”

Dr William Montross of Front Range Orthopedics in Colorado Springs, said: “The anatomical shape of the Movement Hemi Great Toe implants and the cannulated instrumentation allow for better remodeling of the joints’ surfaces compared to other commercially available implants as well as a streamlined approach to first metatarsophalangeal joint arthroplasty.”