Generating cutting-edge therapeutics requires precision, safety, and efficiency from manufacturing equipment. The next generation of oligo manufacturing, the process of producing short sequences of nucleotides (building blocks of DNA or RNA), innovation from Asahi Kasei Bioprocess (AKB), the THESYS ACS ERGO synthesis column, will be on display and demonstrated at Booth 213 at TIDES USA 2024 from May 14th to 17th at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

This new synthesis column offers drastically reduced changeover time between batches while maintaining user safety and product quality.

Following the success of AKB’s DAC ERGO, a liquid chromatography column, the company has continued advancing column technology with the THESYS ACS ERGO. The THESYS ACS ERGO is designed for oligonucleotide synthesis and includes an operator-friendly design to facilitate a smooth and safe changeover between runs. It provides the same reliable high-performance as AKB’s other synthesis columns but is uniquely engineered to reduce inefficiencies between batches – with upwards of an hour of time savings as well as projected labor reduction.

The time-saving features of the THESYS ACS ERGO are achieved by eliminating the use of threaded bolts in the changeover and maintenance process, which can be tedious and time-consuming to remove between runs.

AKB has ergonomically designed the THESYS ACS ERGO for faster changeover without cost to safety, which improves customer efficiency while maintaining operator safety and product reliability.

“Our new, bolt-free design is unique to the column market and makes unpacking and cleaning far less time-consuming,” said Chris Rombach, EVP at Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America (AKBA). “Every feature of the ACS ERGO has been considered, with greater productivity for manufacturers and operator safety as the top priorities.”

THESYS ACS includes an innovative I-bar format that makes removing the top of the column more efficient and a unique frame with an integrated gearbox and wheel to facilitate smooth, safe unpacking and cleaning. Furthermore, the column has a minimized footprint to seamlessly integrate into the manufacturing floor.

In addition to its booth at the event, AKB will host a ‘Spotlight Presentation’ on May 16 at 12:20 p.m. in room 302 about the oligo manufacturing process. Dr. Tom Krebstakies, Sales Manager for Europe and Asia at AKB, will speak about innovations from synthesis through concentration and the applicable equipment considerations for effective technical implementation.