The Spartan anchor is manufactured from PEEK (polyether-etherketone), a material used in orthopedic implants.

It complements ArthroCare’s line of anchors which can be used with ArthroCare’s suture passing technology, such as the FirstPass suture passer.

The device has a unique 6.5mm, screw-in design and can be used to perform single and double row repairs.

The Spartan device is a preloaded threaded anchor indicated for use in fixation of soft tissue to bone, such as during a rotator cuff repair.

The needled version is utilized for open repairs, whereas the non-needled version is for arthroscopic repairs.

ArthroCare’s Coblation patented technology is used to dissolve target tissue and limit damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

ArthroCare also develops surgical devices utilizing other patented technology including its OPUS line of fixation products as well as re-usable surgical instruments.