The jury found that Arthrex’s Bio-SutureTak, PEEK SutureTak, PushLock and Bio-PushLock suture anchors infringe the patent and awarded Smith & Nephew $85m for Arthrex’s past infringement activities.

The Bio-SutureTak is a 3 mm bioabsorbable ‘push-in’ suture anchor with a molded-in suture eyelet for soft tissue attachment to bone in the shoulder joint and other indications where a small anchor profile with high pull-out strength is required.

The PEEK SutureTak is a nonabsorbable suture anchor made of non-reactive thermoplastic material and benefits both metal alloy and bioabsorbable materials and is anchor alternative for labral instability repair of the shoulder.

The PushLock and Bio-PushLock sutures are knotless suture anchors designed for arthroscopic glenohumeral joint instability repair .

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