The Israeli patent extends the company’s current patent portfolio, which includes VIP patents in the US, Singapore, New Zealand, China, South Korea and the European Union.

Israeli Patent Number 153848 enables the company to develop and commercialise economical diagnostic tests for important medical conditions, including human diseases. The VIP approach uses microarrays, which are diagnostic devices that contain thousands of patient samples printed as microscopic spots on a glass substrate.

The company said that one VIP microarray can test up to 80,000 patient samples simultaneously, using miniaturization, automation and massively parallel VIP devices to acquire the medical information. The new technology can provide improved testing speed, accuracy and healthcare cost reductions, while testing many patients at once.

Rene Schena, CEO of Arrayit, said: “We are pleased to obtain patent protection for our VIP technology in Israel. This important achievement adds to our already expansive intellectual property portfolio and will empower us to aggressively pursue new growth opportunities for our VIP products and services in this important region.”