Arkray, a manufacturer of diabetes self-monitoring systems, has received FDA clearance on its new Assure Platinum blood glucose monitoring system.

The system is the first auto-code Assure brand blood glucose meter. Assure meters are designed for long term care and multi-resident use settings, said the company. Assure Platinum is feature loaded and helps facilities meet state regulatory standards and provide better resident care. Auto-coding eliminates the need for any other form of manual coding, which can reduces user error thus ensuring more consistent, accurate results.

The company claims that the new system exceeds heightened standards the FDA has proposed. The monitoring systems utilise a glucose oxidase (GO) strip chemistry, and therefore are not subject to interferences that can affect GDH-PQQ systems.

The FDA believes these interferences can cause falsely high results in person with diabetes using peritoneal dialysis solutions that contain icodextrin or maltose.